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Theoretical and Experimental Bases of the Application of Organic Substances in the Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Heavy Metals

Project No. 18‑04‑01028
Research Project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research
2018 - 2020

Project Leader:

Prof. Galina Koptsik
Soil Science Faculty, Moscow State University, Russia

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The project is aimed at studying and developing the possibilities of using organic substances in the restoration of soils subjected to technogenic pollution. The urgency of the problem is unquestionable due to the large scale technogenic pollution and the important role of organic matter in soil formation, soil fertility and control of the behavior of pollutants in soils. The main attention will be paid to alfehumus soils of the Kola Peninsula, which for 70 years have been affected by the largest in North Europe source of atmospheric emissions of sulfur dioxide and heavy metals - the Severonikel Industrial Complex. Previous studies have been devoted to the degradation of forest ecosystems under the influence of long-term atmospheric pollution and some approaches to soil restoration, including soils under the existing infrastructure. The proposed project will assess the current state of soils in technogenic barren lands, establish the main regularities and peculiarities of their degradation under the influence of intensive technogenic load, identify the specifics, dynamics of processes and the effectiveness of soil remediation using different methods in conditions of emission reductions. Based on the systematic approach, from the point of view of the integrity of the "soil plant" system and the close interconnection of its components, taking into account the biological activity of soils, the possibilities of using organic substances of various nature in limiting the mobility, bioavailability and toxicity of heavy metals for the remediation of contaminated soils will be analyzed. The combination of theoretical analysis, field research and laboratory experiments will make it possible to critically evaluate the problems and prospects of using organic substances, including industrial humic preparations, in the remediation of technogenic soils, depending on their properties and the level of contamination.

   Background territories of the Kola Peninsula

   Technogenic barrens in the vicinity of Monchegorsk

   Field soil remediation experiments


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Contact person

Sergey Koptsik
Senior researcher
Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow, 119991, Russia
+7 495 939 11 45
koptsik (.at.)