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  1. Blinov Mikhail
  2. Garshin Vladimir
  3. Pikalov Anton
  4. Alekhina Iuliia
  5. Makarov Andrey
  6. Satskiy Alexey
  7. Efremova Svetlana

Lectures for PhD studens on magnetism division:

  1. The basics of spintronics. prof. Vedyaev .
  2. Actual problems in modern magnetism. prof. Granovsky A.
  3. The physical basics of magnetism. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  4. Magnetic phase transitions. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  5. Physics of magnetic phenomena. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  6. Introduction in group theory and its application in physics of magnetic phenomena. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  7. Symmetry magnetic phase transitions. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  8. Quantom models of magnetism. associate prof. Kotel'nikova O.
  9. Laboratory experimental technics. associate prof. Perov N.
  10. Experimental equipment of modern magnetic laboratory. associate prof. Perov N.
  11. Physics of micromagnetic structures. main researcher Shaligina E.
  12. Nonlinear dynamics of topological magnetic solitons spin vortexes and dmain border walls in magnetoorganized substances. main researcher Chetkin M.
  13. Magnitooptical spectroscopy. leading resercher Gan'shina E.
  14. Dimensional effects in transport phenomena in sandwich structures. advanced researcher Rizhanova N.
  15. Transport phenomena in ferromagnetic materials and alloys. advanced researcher Rizhanova N.
  16. Physical basics of ecology. advanced researcher Koptsik S.
  17. Protection of intellectual property in Russia and roreign counries. advanced researcher Kudakov A.
  18. Innovations and protection of intellectual property in modern science. advanced researcher Kudakov A.
  19. Computer handling of experimental data on domain walls dynamics in orthoferrits. researcher Shapaeva T.
  20. Applied magnitooptics. prof. M. Inoue
  21. Phase microscopy. begginer researcher Vishenskaya T.
  22. Bio-medical nanotechnology and biomagnetism. researcher Norina S.


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